art is theft.

picasso said it.

austin kleon expanded this thought into 10 principles around creativity and freedom.

it’s an interesting book (graphically amazing, too) that found me, really found me, in the bookshop of the national gallery in london, a couple of weeks ago.

it’s nice to read and it seems easy to follow every single step of the decalogue… indeed, it is!

every “new” idea is a mix of past and seen (…stolen!) ideas. the real work of an artist is to collect – to select – ideas from which he will be able to find new free associations. often not immediately.

almost always, after a long time.

then: don’t wait. start making stuff!

this is a good suggestion, especially to avoid the scare of failure. you must copy from your myths. but you have to go deeper, looking at the thought behind their work.

it’s also essential to use hands to do things (austin suggests to work alternatively on two desktops: one digital, pc or mac; one “analog”, full of paper, glue, pencils, colors, wood, tissues, etc…), just like to develop side projects and hobbies, to keep logs and memories of our ideas, of the things that influenced us, of all the things we’ve done.

and, over all, it’s important to share our good work with other people.

the deep (good) sense of the instructions is that solutions are at hand. it’s only a matter of doing something. now.

…simple, isn’t it? 😉

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