at the architects’ association office in milan, yesterday night an interesting conference (all in english) upon freehand drawing, by trevor flynn (http://visioning.aaschool.ac.uk/?page_id=14), an enthusiastic fine-artist and sculptor.

he showed his method to teach – once again – to his students (architects and engineers) the fun of drawing (http://www.drawingatwork.co.uk/gallery/architecture/).

he was able to shake the few architects present, often scared to draw (…and more scared to speak english!), who probably have forgotten that drawing is essential for their work.

three reasons to draw:
1 – drawing is a second language, both a tool of communication and a cognitive act;
2 – drawing is a kind of purposeful play, during which ideas follow one another rapidly and softly;
3 – drawing is informal communication, it’s a “human-to-human” language.

then he introduced “sketchmobs” (http://www.sketchmob.co.uk/index.html), meetings at lunch time or after work hour, during which people draw quickly simple and small drawings, again and again in an iterative process, to train hands and eyes to get the essence of what they see and what they draw.

in october, a three-fridays lab, kept by stefan davidovici (http://architecturedraftsman.blogspot.it/), will help architects to re-learn to draw.

good work.

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